Medical Travel (Tourism)

AkesoCare’s Medical Travel service is industry unique.  It allows participants to access care at high quality, non-U.S.-based providers while generating significant savings for the plan, and sharing that savings with the participant. 

An AkesoCare Case Manager is designated to assist participants with the following:

  • Assist in locating a Joint Commission International (JCI) ( accredited and qualified medical provider(s) to provide the necessary medical services
  • Coordinate the necessary services with participants and with providers, including patient care, travel, scheduling, and housing, if necessary during such services
  • Provide assistance with transfer and receipt of medical records before and after the services provided to participants
  • Provide follow-up services to monitor medical needs after the return of participants to their residence or place of departure for such services

Utilizing Medical Travel will result in plan savings of 60 - 90% based upon the same service rendered in the U.S.  Additionally, the benefit allows for a percentage of the savings generated to be shared with a participant’s personal account to a maximum of $7,500 USD.

Medical Travel* is designed for the following types of medical treatment:

  • Joint replacement
  • Cardiac procedures
  • Hysterectomies
  • Spinal surgeries
  • Other services as approved by the plan

Medical Travel Tourism

*This service can only be applied in situations where a participant is determined by his/her treating physician to be capable of traveling safely for purposes of treatment.