Comprehensive Case Management

Key to Managing the Catastrophic/Chronic Cases

Comprehensive Case Management deals with individuals who have highly complex cases requiring detailed management by AkesoCare medical personnel (Case Managers) extending beyond a hospitalization or out-patient procedure.

The AkesoCare Difference

The U.S. health system is anything but a "system." It is a multitude of providers all functioning independently without coordination. Because most patients in Case Management are in the active care of several independent providers, these patients are those most likely to suffer from this lack of provider coordination, therefore, increasing costs while decreasing patient satisfaction.

AkesoCare’s Case Managers assume the role of "coordinator," assisting patients and providers in developing a collaborative approach to their care. Our individualized approach allows our Case Managers to respond to the unique needs and circumstances faced by enrollees, assuring coordinated services are consistent with the benefit plan while containing costs and maximizing the health care experience.

The AkesoCare Comprehensive Case Management Program Impacts Care and Costs by:

  • Short-term care management (conditions with treatment < 1 year)
  • Long-term care management (chronic conditions; treatment > 1 year)
  • Transplant care management including access to multiple transplant Centers of Excellence
  • Rehabilitative case management
  • Provider rate negotiation
  • PPO Channeling

The Bottom Line

AkesoCare’s Comprehensive Case Management services align the interests of the patient, payer and provider. Our coordination of services ensures that the patient’s experience is maximized while keeping the provision of care consistent with the benefit plan and containing costs.