Success Stories

The success of the MCS is due to the fact that substantial savings can be had by both the health plan and by the employees themselves.  Savings of 50% or more are routine for the MCS, can be obtained on both in-patient and out-patient procedures, and for procedures as simple as MRIs to complex procedures such as a heart bypass surgery.  Below are examples of actual savings achieved by the MCS.

  • A patient was originally scheduled for two episodes of shoulder surgery in an acute care facility.  The MCS assisted in re-scheduling the surgeries at a free-standing surgical center and negotiated additional discounts with the facility.

    Plan Savings:  $40,273

  • An OB-GYN scheduled a patient to have two Rhogam injections at a nearby hospital, in part due to the fact that the doctor chose not to maintain supplies of the drug in the office.  The MCS had supplies of the drug shipped from the pharmacy to the OB-GYN office (with negotiated savings) where the patient ultimately received the injections.

    Plan Savings:  $2,500

  • An outpatient colonoscopy was scheduled for a local hospital.  After a call to the MCS, the patient agreed to have the colonoscopy (which also required polyp removal) performed at a nearby surgical center.

    Plan Savings:  $10,350

  • A patient required a Lumpectomy/Biopsy.  After review, the MCS determined that the highest rated facility in the area was actually an out-of-network facility.  The MCS negotiated a case specific rate for the insured that was more cost-effective than other in-network facilities in the area.

    Plan Savings:  $7,000