Medical Concierge Service

What is Medical Concierge Service?

Medical Concierge Service (MCS) is a unique service we developed to help you make informed choices when you are in need of a medical procedure as simple as an MRI or as complex as an organ transplant. While cost and quality information is not easily available, MCS will supply you with details as to which local medical facilities can perform your procedure in a high quality medical setting while also saving you and your health plan significant dollars.

The following is an example of the easy-to-understand information you will receive to assist in your health care decisions:

Summary - Heart Bypass (DRG 234) - Zip code specific

Summary - Heart Bypass

About the Quality Index

The Quality Index is a composite measure of four components of hospital value: quality of service, affordability of service, efficiency of service, and patient satisfaction with service.

How MCS Works

When you find out that you require a medical procedure, contact MCS at 877-654-6229 and provide basic information about yourself and your procedure. MCS will research and report to you information regarding the cost and quality of area providers specific to the service you need.

MCS will provide the following:

  • Quality ratings of local facilities 
  • Local provider pricing information for your requested procedure 
  • Make sure the facilities and physicians are in your PPO network to maximize your benefits 
  • Educational material concerning your required procedure 
  • If requested, assistance with scheduling of appointments 
  • Coordination with AkesoCare's Precertification and Disease Management teams

The final decision as to which providers you wish to go for treatment is entirely yours; however, with the information supplied by MCS, your decision will be a well informed one.

For more information, please call 877-654-6229 or email