International Case Management

AkesoCare’s international case management staff, including U.S.-based and international field case managers, coordinate highly complex cases responding to the unique circumstances encountered in international settings.  The International Case Management services provided by AkesoCare include:

Field Case Management:

AkesoCare field case management staff provides field case management services worldwide.  AkesoCare’s field agents are medical professionals including:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Mental health providers
  • Medical investigators

The Field Case Managers (FCM) provide our clients with an “eyes on patient” perspective that telephonic case management alone cannot provide.  Our FCMs knowledge of the local medical community and customs combined with on-site situation assessments allow for an unparalleled understanding of an insured’s medical condition and treatment options.   AkesoCare’s on-site representatives maximize the patient’s health care experience providing cost savings and increasing patient satisfaction.

Provider Identification:

From Azjerbaijan to Zambia, AkesoCare has developed a proprietary network of over 17,000 health care providers that provide specialized services meeting the specific medical needs of members.  AkesoCare’s international provider network includes:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Physicians
  • Centers of Excellence for specific conditions
  • PT/OT/ST providers
  • Mental health specialists
  • Dentists
  • DME/Home Health
  • And many others

Additionally, many of these relationships also allow for direct billing of associated medical claims alleviating out-of-pocket cost for our members.

Provider Appointment Coordination:

AkesoCare will coordinate medical appointments for members with medical providers.  In addition to scheduling the appointment, AkesoCare can also provide:

  • Patient transportation to and from the appointment
  • Medical escort, including translation services
  • Coordination of direct billing of medical claims alleviating patient out of pocket costs
  • Wiring of funds to providers for required for pre-payment of services

Inpatient Case Management:

AkesoCare has provided international medical management services for over 15 years and has an unrivaled understanding of the location specific medical customs unique to the international provider setting.  AkesoCare's U.S.-based staff, along with its Field Case Management staff, applies this knowledge to gauge the appropriateness of medical necessity throughout an inpatient confinement.  The AkesoCare medical management team works directly with the local provider to assure appropriate provision of medical care at the appropriate cost.

Discharge Planning: 

Upon discharge from the patient’s current medical treatment, AkesoCare’s Case Management team provides active Discharge Planning for the patient.  Because levels of outpatient care vary widely throughout the world, AkesoCare leverages our years of experience working in these international settings to understand both the local medical capabilities and the local medical customs.  This knowledge assures the patient receives appropriate medical care from the appropriate provider in a timely manner upon their discharge.

Repatriation Coordination:  

Certain medical situations require that a patient be repatriated to their country of residence.  Although a medical repatriation differs in urgency than an emergency medical evacuation, medical repatriations still require significant coordination.  AkesoCare’s medical staff evaluates the patient’s medical needs and assists in identifying the modality of patient transport – air/land ambulance, commercial flight, etc.  AkesoCare also assures the patient is accompanied by necessary medical equipment and/or medical personnel on the return home.