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AkesoCare Disease Management Programs

The AkesoCare Difference

ACM’s Disease Management program encompasses all of the components that the Disease Management Association of America designates as required for a successful program. These include:

  • Population identification process
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Collaborative practice models to include physician and support-service providers
  • Patient self-management education
  • Process and outcomes measurement, evaluation and management
  • Routine reporting/feedback process

AkesoCare Disease Management Programs

AkesoCare Disease Management takes it a step further through Custom Solutions for both the employer/insurer and the participants. Custom Solutions focus on the employer/insurer’s goals and the participants needs.


In a collaborative effort between AkesoCare and the employer/insurer, a unique and individualized DM program is developed. AkesoCare analyzes multiple data sources looking for outliers specific to the group’s individual insureds, then develops a unique, tailored approach which best meets the group’s needs.

Data sources examined include:

  • Claims data
  • Precertification and Case Management reports
  • Pharmacy data
  • Employer/TPA interviews

Data outliers may include:

  • Extraordinary claim costs associated with specific conditions
  • Higher than expected incidences of specific conditions compared with age/sex demographics
  • Identification of a condition the employer/insurer wishes to target